Media Releases

  • 06Mar2017

    World-first study shows 70s mood stabiliser lithium outperforms its modern equivalent

    Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health in partnership with Deakin University have released the results of a world-first study testing the effects of lithium, a mood stabiliser introduced in the 1970s, and comparing it with those of quetiapine, a more modern and commonly prescribed alternative.

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  • 30Nov2016

    Urgent response required to the rising rates of suicide among young Australians

    Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health has released a major report that shows that despite 20 years of suicide prevention strategies and investment by all levels of government, suicide rates among Australian young people are increasing. The report calls for a reinvigorated suicide prevention response that specifically responds to the needs and experiences of young people.

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  • 25Aug2016

    Australia’s Leading Youth Mental Health Organisation Awarded Top Medal

    Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health has been awarded the 2016 TheMHS Medal for Mental Health. The prestigious award honours a unique and inspiring contribution to mental health by an individual or organisation and was awarded to Orygen in recognition of the organisation’s world-leading influence in youth mental health and the vital role of early intervention as a treatment model.

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  • 17Aug2016

    Under the spotlight: The mental health of elite athletes

    Orygen has released the world’s first comprehensive review of the current evidence compiled on the mental health and wellbeing of elite-level athletes. As the world focusses on the 31st Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, the published review shows that while high-quality research exists on the nature and impacts of physical injuries on elite athletes, including head injuries/concussion and limb injuries, there is comparatively little high-quality research available on the mental health and psychological wellbeing of elite-level athletes.

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  • 29Jun2016

    New report highlights neglect of physical and sexual health in young people with mental ill-health

    Orygen has released a report that shows that the physical and sexual health of young people with mental ill-health is largely being ignored. Titled ‘Physical Challenge, Wider health impacts for young people with a mental illness’ the report shows that young people who are diagnosed with a mental illness are at a greater risk of poorer physical and sexual health outcomes, because the sole focus of their treatment is being targeted to their mental health at the cost of their physical health.

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  • 27Apr2016

    Investing in Youth Mental Health

    In the Victorian Government budget handed down today the Andrews Government made good on its pre-election commitment to provide a $60 million contribution to build new facilities for Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, and the state-funded Orygen Youth Health Clinical Program at their current site in Poplar Road, Parkville.

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  • 15Mar2016

    Stigma and systems failing our young people who self-harm

    Orygen has released a report that opens the lid on the unacceptable high rate of self-harm among young people in Australia today exposing the damaging effects of stigma associated with self-harm and the inability of available services to deal with it.

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  • 10Nov2015

    Employment Officer of the Year 2015 Announced

    Gina Chinnery, National Vocational Services Manager at Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health has been named Employment Office of the Year 2015.

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